moody morning moments

It's always so meaningful for me to be able to capture special moments in my friends & families lives. It was extremely special for me that my sister in law asked if I would take hers and her fiances engagement photos. IMMEDIATELY YES. I mean, before she was even engagement I already planned in my head that I would do these photos whether she asked me to or not :P. But ANYWAYS- we packed up our bags and headed down to Vancouver to spend the weekend.

It was a beautiful moody, humid and sticky day and incase you cant tell, I LOVE dark moody days. We decided to head down to Spanish Banks Beach and let me tell you-- we got VERY lucky. The dark clouds were rolling in, the skyline was in clear site, the ships and boats were passing by but the icing on the cake was that there was barely anyone there. It felt like we (almost) had the beach to ourselves and it was just perfect. We got our photos in JUST in time before the clouds engulfed the skyline and the rain started to make its way to us, but honestly, it was perfect. I couldn't be happier and more inlove with these photos.