That time we drove to Kananaskis

Whitney and Josh. What a couple.

I actually met Whitney on Instagram a few years ago. I'd like her photos- she'd like mine and we would always talk about eventually meeting up. It wasn't until the fall of last year that we did & I took some photos for her social media (some of which are still my favorite to this day). You know how with some people you just click with them right away? That was how it was with her. We met a couple of more times after that creating some amazing content together, sharing so many laughs and it wasn't until this past spring that Josh (who I still hadn't met) proposed to her.

Even though I hadn't met Josh yet I already felt like I knew him based on the stories Whitney would tell me and when I found out they had gotten engaged and just seeing the pure happiness on her face, it made my heart fill (& melt) with so much love and excitement for them & then when she asked me if I would be their wedding photographer- it melted my heart even more. Naturally, I couldn't just do their wedding. I also wanted to take engagement photos for them and what better time than beautiful autumn in the mountains?

We headed to Kananaskis with no location in mind: we drove around and stopped at different areas that caught our eye. We played some Hamilton songs on the phone (their fav) which got them in the groove of singing & dancing- they were running on and off the road (we were careful obviously) to get some beautiful scenic shots... honestly, Whitney & Josh made this shoot a breeze. Couples like this (people like this) make my job feel like it's not a job because it's just so much fun. I absolutely cannot wait until their wedding because I know I'm going to ball my eyes out and my heart is going to overfill with all the love they and their friends & family are going to be sharing with them.