I guess my pun won't make much sense unless you know that this wedding was all about Jessica Curtis & James Fehr- and the wedding was in Fernie. Hence- a Fehrnie Wedding!

*cue the crickets*

(actually, it was right outside Fernie but whatever!)

Much like many other couples who were planning to get married before covid, this wedding was originally supposed to happen in 2020. With all the changes in rules and regulations, Jess & James decided to keep their wedding very intimate this time around with only their closest immediate family and friends, and let me tell you it was BEAUTIFUL.

Situated on a getaway cabin in Wardner, the ceremony was held in their backyard that overlooked the water. Usually, you'd see the mountain range but because of all of the forest fires- the smoke was too thick. That didn't stop us from having a good time though. We even managed to go on the water for some shots! (someone may or may not have jumped off the boat with their entire outfit still on). My eyes watered many times (and not because of the crazy smoke we were getting). To see pure love shared between two people- along with their family & friends who truly care about them is just such a beautiful sight to witness & it was an honor that I got to be a part of that.